Size Does Matter

Original e interesante manera de presentar una charla (que harán en Web 2.0 Expo). Pero solo con está introducción se dejan claras muy buenas ideas, mantenerse pequeños, diseñar e introducir el marketing dentro del producto…

Forget scale. It seems that everything is growing online except for trust in marketers. We’ve been obsessed with collecting more fans, gaining more views and bombarding more people. We want a new strategy for the next billion people to migrate online, one that is more about quality than quantity.

Design for one. Here, we challenge people to think about concept first and audience second. Also, to break away from the comfort of large caricatures of society like “millenials” and “baby-boomers.”

Segment for value. Using the Gini Coefficient (and the Lorenz Curve) we show how a small world view can help segmentation. To date, we’ve been unnecessarily inefficient with our messages by shouting them into a crowded room. Instead, we should speak softly to only those that matter.

Vía ExitCreative el blog de Clay Parker Jones.



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