Cosas que andan por mi reader. 7/03/10

1. Future Media de Helge Tennø

2. Giving Back Time de Paul Isakson

“I watch as we all sit in coffee shops, restaurants, and even movies, with our eyes half glued to our mobile phone. Mobiles quickly went from the thing we pick-up to simply look busy to the things that keep us perpetually busy.”

3. How to pick the right chart en el blog de Swiss Miss

4. Ok Go y su nuevo video (esto si que es hacer un plano secuencia)

5. Tom Gauld on Diet Coke en CR

6. The 6 things clients want en el blog de Iñaki Escudero

Outputs: Insights, Ideas, Inspiration.
Process: Collaboration, Iteration, Operating Discipline

7. I don’t even want to be an agency any more en el blog de Iñaki Escudero

But I specially agree with Tim on his most dramatic point: I don’t want to be an agency any more. I think network is more accurate. A network of talented people who want to create. Builders with bold dreams, digital and analog, writers and designers, (specially designers) A diverse network of people re-making the way the world works with new platforms, apps, ecosystems, communities and models, as Rishad Tobaccowala says in his speech at theAmerican Association of Ad Agencies Transformation conference

8. The Content Strategy Forecast: 2010 & Beyond en el blog de Scattergather de Razorfish

The Breakdown: For our first anniversary post, we invited practicing content strategists from inside and outside of Razorfish to share their thoughts on emerging trends and ideas in content strategy. Enjoy!

9. Can Leadership Be Learned? de Whitney Hess

My expectations for a leader are:

  • To set clear goals, and to continually articulate them in written and verbal form to the team
  • To motivate the team to believe in their vision
  • To recognize and nurture the expertise that each person on the team brings to the project
  • To assign actionable tasks with measurable results
  • To express their appreciation for the contribution that each team member makes
  • To be decisive and confident
  • To ask team members for their input on key issues, but to always take responsibility for making final decisions
  • To stay calm
  • To ask for help when they need it
  • To put the needs of people above the needs of things


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