What does it mean for social media marketers?

  1. Consumers experience a tremendous amount of digital litter online. Most content offered is just noise, and often doesn’t meet consumer’s exact point of need.
  2. Social Media is not a retail medium. It’s about building relationships. Over time, these relationships establish trust, engagement and ultimately advocacy, which definitely impacts the bottom line for brands.
  3. Consumers are first, brands and branded messaging will always be second. Consumers use social media to socialize with their friends, family and peers. If they want to engage with brands, it will be on their terms.
  4. Content is no longer “king” – relevancy is. Consumers have been taught that if they sound-off questions, someone will answer.  By choosing to be active in social media, brands can offer solutions as a trusted source to weigh-in on those direct consumer questions.

Buenas conclusiones de Experience Matters del último estudio de Edelman.



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