Diseñan experiencias donde lo “digital” y lo “real”, no sólo conviven sino que se retroalimentan.


Schulze & Webb is a creative design consultancy, working hands-on with companies to research and develop their technologies and strategy, primarily by finding opportunities in networks and physical things.”


“More reinvention here. The Schulze & Webb & Jones crew are starting to talk about what they do (partly) as ‘media design’ and The Incidental is a perfect example; blending brochure, guide, map, chat room and pirate maps. What’s particularly futurey about it is the gorgeous integration of the digital and the physical. You can read here how it works. And here’s Matt explaining it. I love the way it gets past digital infatuation and analogue nostalgia. Digital stuff is used for what it’s good for; eradicating time and distance, sharing, all that. Analogue stuff is used for what it can do well; resilience, undestandability, encouraging simple, human contributions. It’s properly ‘post digital’, from a design team and a client who are fluent in the full range of media possibilities. Not just digital, not just print. It integrates media in the same way real people do; knowing what it’s like to send a twitter and knowing what it’s like to scribble a note on a beermat at 3 in the morning.

What’s particularly impressive is the client’s willingness to deal with chaos, mess and risk. It’s one thing to embrace the messiness of the web when that’s the only place it lives – on a screen. It’s another thing to commit yourself to printing thousands of copies of ‘who knows what’, sticking your logo on it and distributing it to your most important audience members. But that’s exactly what we/they are going to have to get used to doing.” Vía.

Es algo que me parece muy interesante, olvidarnos de la web como un medio sino como una herramienta más que tiene el consumidor. Y en ese sentido la gente de este estudio esta desarrollando un trabajo muy interesante eliminando o unificando las experiencias reales y las digitales en uno. Ellos lo explican mejor en estra presentación:

Ls frontera no existe, el medio en realidad es el comportamiento del usuario.



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