100 Words About Digital Branding


“The idea that brands have some kind of monolithic control over how they are perceived in our digital world is obsolete.

What your brand means is defined by status updates, hyperlinks, and blog posts; not by the 3 Core Traits written on page 25 of the Brand Bible that your million dollar branding agency wrote for you. How your brand is perceived is now defined by the ways people interact with your brand; not by your shiny new logo.

Your brand no longer has the ability to define the context in which it is experienced; now brands have to play in the arenas created by their audience.

The sooner that your brand embraces this new reality, the sooner you can start having fun again and start earning a little love.”

  • People’s lives don’t revolve around your brand, they revolve around life.
  • Your competition on the internet is everything else on the internet.
  • Design your brand to be taken apart and put back together in unimagined ways by your consumers.
  • Pass-along is made of people.
  • Exponential pass-along is a social phenomenon, not a magic trick.
  • Invest in relationships.
  • Being measurable isn’t the same as being worthwhile.
  • If I can’t see what you’re interested in and what you choose to share, then I don’t know who you are.
  • If your brand is acceptable to everyone, then it won’t be exciting to anyone.
  • Care about something more important than your product.

Y si acabo de descrubir a Mike Arauz, pero es que me parece una manera genial de unir la dificinición de branding de Marti Neumeier con el branding en internet (por ejemplo añadiendo el factor del contenido).




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