Personal Branding

Esto esta empezando a convertirse en un tema recurrente de este blog, pero es algo que me parece muy interesante como blogger y como profesional dedicado a la comunicación.

Hoy os dejo la versión de Whitney Hess:

Maimonides’ Eight Levels of Charity Applied to Building Your Personal Brand

  • Level 8 — Hate networking, hate professional events, turn your brain off to your career outside of your obligatory 9-5 hours at work. Do only what is expressly required of you, and frown the whole way through it. (You know who you are)
  • Level 7 — Go to one major event each year out of guilt. Put on a smile, but talk to no one, only eat the free food, and dash out as soon as possible. (I’ve done this more than once!)
  • Level 6 — Go to local events only that you’ve been expressly invited to by colleagues or friends, and stick to them like glue, meeting only those people to whom you’re introduced. Give a business card only when asked. Sign up for Twitter after someone begs you to do it.
  • Level 5 — Seek out events to attend both locally and conferences out of town. Ask colleagues to introduce you to people you should know. When engaged in conversation with someone, offer your card and follow up afterwards. Start a blog, become active on Twitter, put your opinions out there.
  • Level 4 — Be recognized by name and approached by a stranger who has either seen you on Twitter, read your blog, or heard of you through a mutual colleague. (It feels so damn good the first time it happens…and many times after that.)
  • Level 3 — Walk right up to someone you don’t know and introduce yourself. Tell them that you admire their work/their writing/their keynote. Mention a mutual colleague or friend in common. Talk about your work/your writing/your latest challenge and ask for their opinion.
  • Level 2 — Start writing for publications other than your own. Contribute to the greater body of work and make a name for yourself outside of your immediate community. Submit proposals to speak at conferences. Synthesize your thoughts for consumption by a wide audience, and seek to refine those ideas based on feedback from a whole bunch of strangers who care more about the idea than they do about you.
  • Level 1 — Become a mentor. Reach out to more junior or timid people in your hemisphere and help to give them the self-confidence that you’ve now obtained. Create opportunities for others to learn and grow by being a community organizer and evangelist. Work harder to promote others and the overall practice than you do promoting yourself.”

Aunque posiblemente en ellos también tenga una parte muy importante como este de introducida la “cultura de internet” en la sociedad en la que te encuentes o el accesso que tengas a las herramientas. Pero supongo que eso en realidad tiene que ser cada vez más residual.


  1. Thanks for the post and the comment 🙂


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