Sobrevivir sin crecer

Me ha gustado mucho este nuevo enfoque de como ser una “empresa de éxito”.

“It’s taken as a natural law of enterprise, absorbed through countless MBA case studies and credit card commercials: you must “grow your business.” That means that over time your company needs to employ more people, produce more product, and, inevitably, use more of the planet’s resources. Otherwise you perish.”

Posiblemente nuestra concepción de éxito es lo que ha creado muchos de los problemas relacionados con el desarollo sostenible y las apariciones de las burbujas financieras. ¿Es posible crear una empresa de este modo? ¿Está reñido con un enfoque centrado en el  valor comercial?

“I think one of the biggest management problems is going to be to understand how to manage a successful non-growing company—and how to get out of the frame of mind that success is measured only by growth. … It’s very common to say, “If you stagnate, if you don’t grow, you will fail.” Well, that’s possible if you don’t maintain a system with proper management policies. You’ve still got to have some way to maintain vitality, to maintain some product progress, but to do it within a fixed demand on the environment. I don’t think I’ve heard of that being taught in management schools.””




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