It’s design, but not as they know it!

Una presentación muy interesante sobre una forma de entender el diseño y la forma de crearlo.


“Service is the act of helping somebody to do something, while design is the process of making something better for somebody. Translation is the challenge of connecting strategy and implementation.”

“12 Tips:

1.- Be use-centric

2.- Have Principles

3.- Co-design

4.- Map Journeys

5.- Visualise

6.- Back stage

7.- Design measurables

8.- Everyone serves

9.- Prototype

10.- Evidence

11.- Join the dots

12.- Work with designers”

“5 designer lessons:

– Lose the “I” in design: co-create and facilitate.

– Do your own empathetic research

– Systems before syptoms

– Visualize

– Prototype, prototype, prototype.”

Creada por Oliver King fundador de Engine y vía.


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