Las diferencias entre lo interactivo y lo digital.

Hoy he encontrado un artículo que me ha gustado mucho. Me gusta como explica las diferencias de estos dos conceptos que mucha gente piensa (puedo decir que pensabamos) son idénticos. Y como explica, también, uno de los grandes fallos de las agencias es no entender que no trabajan para un medio (digital) sino para una forma de entender un medio interáctivo. Un medio donde lo importante es centrarse en el diseño experiencial. Os lo dejo a continuación.


Digital is a medium. Simply put: It carries content and its strengths, scale and precision, are media specific.

As you know, building hundreds (even thousands) of banners ads, versioning all of them, adjusting them while they’re in market and then collecting, managing and learning from their informational Niagara is taxing on any agency workforce to say the last. In fact, the article comments that shops are turning away as much as 90% of digital RFPs because they can’t handle the workload.

Agencies build themselves around the media they work in, not the ideas they create. With digital being a profoundly unique and important medium, agencies will reengineer their operations to better handle the demands of the medium.

In short, a conversation about digital is a conversation about media and operations. Not creativity.


Interactive is a behavior. Or more specifically, a designed and embedded behavior.

It is not too unlike potential energy: To become interactive is to have the potential for action. An interactive object can be as simple as an object that – through its shape – communicates what you should do with it. It could be something as advanced as the video game Gears of War. In either case, the objects pull a person into a use-based relationship with it to conduct an activity.

In doing so, interactivity creates a profound change in how to think about creative work and development. It requires creatives to move from developing objects for display to designing behaviors and storing them in objects for users to find and perform.

To put it another way, marketing has historically focused people’s attention on the marketing object (Ex). But interactivity takes the focus from the object and places it on the activity. This shift makes the object invisible because we don’t think about it. For example, when playing tennis, the player is not focused on the racket; they are focused on the game.

And that is the essence, and mind f*ck, of interactive marketing:

How do you make the marketing so interactive that it is invisible?

This is a profound change in creative thinking.

In short, a conversation about interactivity is a conversation about the design and embedding of behaviors.

So don’t be fooled: digital and interactive are different things.



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